Swing Gate (SG100)

Technical Parameter:

  • Diameter:168mm
  • Height:992mm
  • Arm: 600mm
  • Passage width:600-900mm
  • Net weight:25kg
  • Gross weight :28kg

Product Feature:

Swing barrier is generally used in simple dissuasion level access control of public passages. It can be used in amusement parks rides Pay and Play and consumption systems of public institutions, access control of residential estates, ticket exit systems of scenic, sports and other arenas, hand-key management systems of construction sites and so on. The mechanical part of the barrier contains an emergency control device, which allows free passage in case of power fail. The swing barrier has different optional configurations for the applications of all conditions and for the control of all kinds of passage entrance-exits where the inflow of people is less. Different identification systems can be configured into the barrier system. The barrier can be connected to any kinds of controllers and various consumption devices.