Water Slide Dispatch System

ought to have come much earlier. For, onus of patron's safety hinges upon the owners/operators of the Water Parks. Many cerebral minds and considered Research & Development enthused by Team Making Things Easier has developed the most advance and effective safety devise - Red & Green Light dispatch system for both existing water park owners and manufacturers.

Henceforth, Water Slide Dispatch System will become an essential safety feature of water slides. The system assists the slide operator in conducting smooth and seamless flow of the riders and it comprehensively eliminates chances of any human error. It, thus makes the rides foolproof and negating chances of mishap that can spell disaster for both the owners as well its patrons.

The revolutionary dispatch system not only increases the rider's safety perception but also assists in deployment of staff. The smart system provides the owners /operators with real time data of the most favorite slide(s) and least used and helps them invest judiciously in future endeavors

Succinctly put, the owners of the water parks can make their rides both safe and enjoyable.

Another standout feature of WSDS (Water Slide Dispatch System) by MTE itis the first system in the world that logs in On Line - Real Time reporting.